Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why do i blog???

This is a BIG question which i feel every newbie blogger must address before starting off. My perception of a blog or of any piece of text shared by someone in a public portal such as the Internet for that matter is that it must convey information that impacts the 'stupid common man' as i would like to put it in some way or the other. Being from an engineering background, to me sense and logic matter a lot in anything and everything i either read about or intend to convey and i'll try my best to make sure that my blog reads perfect on these lines.

The topics that I would like to blog on will include socially-relevant issues , sports, technology and of course some amount of humour for the time being. I might very well expand my spheres in the days to come. I very much look forward to interacting with my readers with the only request being comments whatever they may be, be rational and informative. With this, I would like to leave you waiting for my first post. Sayonara!!


  1. hey all the best...good start buddy....the topics that ur gonna cover in ur blog interests me a lot...will keep visiting...

    keep rolling and welcome to the blogging world :)

  2. MKPK has this unique knack of analyzing issues, and gives a different slant.. welcome to dis gr8 world of freedom of expression.. Its also a biggest timepass.. hobby..

    PS: starting a blog is not important.. its more important to maintain it.. lol :P.. all the best..

  3. hey! getting eager to read! start off soon. all the best! :)

  4. hey thanks all of you for ur support.. keep visiting for regular updates...

  5. Waiting to read some sensible blog.. Do keep blogging ! Cheers ! Will definitely visit( and criticize :) )