Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our National Security

It's really taken a long time coming. And finally here it is,my first post, and what better day to write one than Christmas Day.

The year 2008 has really been successful in exposing how pathetically weak the National Security of our country is, thanks to the series of blasts and other incidents that happened right through the year, most important of them being the Mumbai terror attacks. In spite of the IT revolution, the 8% plus GDP growth, our own mission to moon and all progress the country has witnessed in the recent years, we still remain a country where young children are kidnapped/murdered , females are acid-washed, PWD engineers are lynched , pistols can breach metal-detectors, people are open-fired in railway stations, hotels/restaurants are never safe, anything and everything can explode and all that we, as citizens of this great country can do is to shed a drop of tear, watch proceedings on the TV, light up candles and march in peace rallies or dedicate a century or a Christmas carol as a token of remembrance.

Just think about it people.


  1. i completely agree with u...
    the deaths are discussed in numbers which is atrocious...i simply feel ashamed at the fact that im of no use to the country except for being a mere spectator and shedding tears...

    im ashamed...

  2. whatever happened as happened..look for the positives in it.. the blast has united the nation against terror, irrespective of religion. Youth have lost faith in present politicians and MPs beware!!!. Look how many Karkares, Salaskars are gonna be born, they inspired us..
    For those who acid washed, they were killed in an encounter(they deserved it).

    As i always say, "Be the change u wanna be".. Yes We can .. :P